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Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball


Photo 2000 courtesy Just Rose Pictures [R]

Hybrid Tea, Apricot

Flowers: Double, Fragrance not rated
Flowering Habit:
Blooming Season: Repeat, Continuous

Height: 3.5 feet x , Habit: Upright

Hardiness: In general, Hybrid Tea roses are hardy to Zone 6 with winter protection, some are more tender and a few are hardy as far as Zone 4 with protection.

USHybridizer: Christensen - Introducer: JAC- Jackson & Perkins (California) 1992
Patent: 8505

ARS Colour: ab Apricot & Apricot blend ARS Rating: 6.8

Also known as: JACapri

Averages of Responses from visitors:

Garden Rating Average:
9.0 / 10
Fragrance Rating Average: 2.1 / 3
Cut Flower Rating Average: 8.0 / 10
Exhibition Rating Average: 9.3 / 10


I've heard this rose is going to... (Timmy Moore, CA)

Can't find one to save my life... (Barbara, Buffalo, NY)

Can't find one to save my life... (Barbara, Buffalo, NY)

According to another website, "Lucille Ball" is... (Joan, Bay Area, California)

Lucille Ball Rose Why is this beautiful... (Katie Eileen Green, Seattle)

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