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Looking for a specific rose?, an online Web database of over 6500 roses, searchable by name, color, variety, classification and many more characteristics. Easily locate specific roses, rose suppliers, clubs, societies and rose Web sites. Browsing EveryRose is free, and the unique "Gardeners Experiences" feature allows rose enthusiasts world-wide to submit opinions on growing specific roses.

Search for a Rose - search by name or alternate name, classification, ARS color, descriptive colour, size, growth habit or fragrance.

Advanced Search - complex search on all criteria in the database, such as introduction date, hybridizer, introducer, strengths and weaknesses, flower shape and size, petals, foliage, buds, thorns, stems, growth habit, cultivation, awards, country of origin, American Rose Society rating, and many more.

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Gardeners' Experiences - Rose growers write their experiences growing specific rose varieties.

Rose Sources - where to buy roses and rose supplies

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Rose Info - Frequently asked questions about roses.

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Roses by Name

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By Colour

m Mauve
lp Light Pink
mp Medium Pink
dp Deep Pink
pb Pink Blend
ab Apricot
op Orange-Pink
ob Orange Blend
or Orange-Red
mr Medium Red
dr Dark Red
rb Red Blend
r Russet
ly Light Yellow
my Medium Yellow
dy Deep Yellow
w White & Blends

By Classification

Alba & Hybrid Alba
China & Hybrid China
Hybrid Perpetual
Hybrid Spinosissima (Scotch)
Hybrid Tea
Climbing Hybrid Tea

Large-Flowered Climbers
Musk & Hybrid Musk
Old Garden Roses
Shrubs and English Roses
P atio

New Introductions! - A searchable rose varieties database describing roses' names, color, fragrance, classification, mail-order sources plus many other characteristics. Useful for rosarians, gardeners, hobbyists and rose growers worldwide.

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